Glass roof for a balcony and terrace

Many owners of a duplex apartment want to use the terrace on the second floor in the wintertime.

Glass roof makes it possible

Enough light and electricity saving

Providing natural lighting for the area is the main objective of glass roofs.

Roof made of glass allows you to save on electric bills due to the maximum use of sunlight. Glazing of a large area will make your terrace much brighter.

Quality glass for long usage

To manufacture a glass roof we use tempered glass 10 mm thickness to ensure high durability.

We install a support frame for glass

It is made of aluminum and delivered to the installation site in a finished form. Aluminum is a light material with high thermal conductivity, resistant to corrosion.

Glass is installed in the frame section with the special sealant. It is important to maintain accuracy to prevent moisture from entering the joints later.

Alanya is a sunny city with hot summer, therefore, we recommend installing tinted glass on the roof. It reflects part of the sunlight.

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Free measure and price calculation

You can see step by step process of installation of the glass roof on the pictures